Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri(Amin-ul-Islam Mazandarani)

Shiite scholar and owner of ILogos Publications

Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri (Amin-ul-Islam Mazandarani) is a Muslim theologian of the Shia tradition.
  • Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri (Amin-ul-Islam Mazandarani) is a Muslim theologian of the Shia tradition and a renowned international scholar who, during his studies of Islamic and Christian theology and the Shia and Catholic doctrines - deals with transcultural, intercultural and interreligious dialogue and the theology of religion. Born 1964 in Mazandaran/Iran. 1970-1982 Primary and secondary school. 1982-1991 Basic study of philosophy and Islamic theology at the Islamic University in Qum. M. A. Studied clinical psychology at the University of Tehran. 1991-1997 Postgraduate studies of the highest-level jurisprudence and philosophy of jurisprudence, Quranic exegesis and Theognostik (Islamic mysticism).  1997-1999 Research Assistant for Religious Studies. 1997-2004 Doctoral program of Catholic Theology. 2009-2013: “Senior Postdoc” Habilitant at the University of Vienna. Project: “Non-Violence Hermeneutics”. In 2011 he was recognized for his academic qualities as a “scientific exceptional personality” in Austria. His was also appointed as the “Ambassador of Peace” (2010). His careers include several theories, book series and his monographs on Islamic sciences at universities are now considered as classics. He is the founder and owner of ILogos International Publications” in Vienna/Austria.


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